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You know, there's a rule about trash talking. You guys ready for this, you don't trash talk about another team when that team just slaughtered your team's ass last week and your team BARELY have a winning record. NUFF SAID.

I always get a kick out of all the texts I'm getting right now because the Gators are losing saying "How Bout Them Gators?", especially from Seminoles fans. I mean, do they realize that their team SUCKS ASS?!? I mean, ok, the Gators might lose this game but we still went to our conference championship game. we still have two championship rings in three season. so here's a tip for all you noles, fan. before you trash talk the gators, just think about your own football program. and if you're comfortable with how the football program is doing, THEN you can trash talk. but be ready for some major trash talking.

win or lose, we're still going to a BCS bowl game while you're going to a third tier bowl game. k? bye.
I fucking hate people. Yeah, I've come to the conclusion that people sucks. Just watch the returns on the election in Maine. Like everywhere else, they voted to NOT allow gay marriage even though the legislature passed a law back in February to allow gay marriage. The vote was 58-42 against gay marriage.

I hope the people that vote against the law end up having gay children. I really do. Maybe then they'll see what they've done.

Just got through working a 14 hour shift at FDP. Woke up at 5:30 and got to Disney's Yacht & Boat Club at 7. Began working immediately. Didn't get off until 9:45. Got to meet some of my favorite politicians. Alex Sink, running for Florida's Governor and current CFO of Florida. Congressman Alan Grayson, U.S. House of Representative for Orlando. Congressman Kendrick Meek, U.S. House of Representative for Miami. Dan Gelber, U.S. Senate candidate. Stuart Milk, Harvey Milk's nephew. And met my Democrats from Orange County. :)

Going to sleep. Pride Parade tomorrow in Downtown Orlando. :)
Hell yeahhh. I can't wait until next weekend whenever FDP have their state conference at Disney World that College Democrats are going to be helping out with. It's going to be awesome. STOKED!!!

Tonight: Florida College Democrats fundraiser.
so even though my birthday is this week, this has got to be the shittiest birthday week in the history of fucking mankind. that is alll.
3 packs filler paper
8 notebooks
2 rulers
11 packs of pens
14 packs of pencils
2 packs of index cards
3 bottles of glue
pack of markers
5 packs of crayons

i think i'm doing pretty good. and all this crap was cheap too so not a lot out of pocket for me.
hey, guys. i'm doing like a school supply drive for seminole county. just helping a friend of mine out with his charity. here's the details, if anybody wants to donate some school supplies then you can go and donate it or tell me and i'll pick it up or something.

Families in Transition provides clothing, school supplies and other necessities to the more than 1,000 homeless students enrolled in Seminole County Public Schools.This group is designed to build community support for the program and to raise funds and collect supplies for those students.

With the start of the school year just around the corner,we need your help obtaining the supplies they will need to succeed in school during this difficult period of their young lives. We are looking for volunteers and locations where supplies can be dropped off on a single day toward the start of the school year.


- Thi
"What [Obama has] essentially said is if we have policy disagreements with our predecessor, we are going to do is turn ourselves into the moral equivalent of a Latin American country run by colonels in weird sunglasses," said Karl Rove, during an appearance on Fox News. "Is that what we've come to in this country?"

That is a quote from Karl Rove talking about the recent release of torture memos from the Bush administration.

My thoughts:
Karl Rove needs to shut the hell up because he's nothing now. Policy disagreements are one thing but what he's talking about is TORTURE, which is against both United States law and international law!

Here is the article in its entirety. It talks about how the Bush administration wanted to investigate the Clinton administration on some questionable pardons and then Karl Rove likened UNETHICAL pardons to CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.